Camboon Primary School – Correspondence

Correspondence to Camboon Primary School can be made through a number of avenues.

Parent Correspondence to Camboon Primary School

1. You can click here to email us
2. Surface Mail addressed to:
Camboon Primary School
Forder Road
Noranda WA 6062
3. Telephone and Fax
08 92765832 (phone)
08 92765899 (Fax)
4. Interview with the Principal and/or Classroom Teacher
5. Letters sent directly to the classroom teacher via your child.
6. P&C Meetings and Board Meetings

School to Parent

1. Newsletter: A main form of correspondence to Parents is through our weekly newsletter. Students are issued with copies of these every Wednesday and now will be able to be found on our website.
2. Special Notes: On occasions Special Notes are sent out to families to advertise or promote a special events e.g. Edudance, Swimming Lessons etc.
3. P&C Correspondence: These are usually attached to the newsletters but occasionally notes are sent home separately.
4. Our new website. As this grows families will be able to access more information about the school and will be able to download permission slips etc.
5. Assemblies: these are generally held every two weeks and parents are more than welcome to attend.
6. P&C Meetings and Board Meetings.