Uniform Shop

The P&C Uniform Shop is operated by the Camboon Parents and Citizens Association. It stocks a range of new and second hand uniform items. The Uniform Shop is managed by parent volunteers and is located next to the Canteen in the undercover area.

Download our Uniform Order form as of 19 August 2019 including payment form

Uniform Shop will be open 8.40am to 9.15am

Uniform queries can be directed to camboonpspc@gmail.com

School uniform dress code and requirements

View Camboon Primary School’s 2019 brochure Camboon PS Dress Code

Students should ensure that they have appropriate protection from the sun when outdoors. School hats are to be worn all year round. Caps, visors and beanies do not provide appropriate cover should not be worn. Only uniform hats will be accepted. 

NO HAT – NO PLAY is our policy. Students who do not wear a school hat will be restricted to the covered assembly area during breaks. Students should have a hat with them at all times. Hats are compulsory for outside activities. 

Appropriate footwear is to be worn at all times. No thongs, scuffs or beach sandals are permitted. Footwear must be correctly worn e.g. laces should be tied and buckles of sandals fastened appropriately, this is a health and safety requirement. Students are strongly encouraged to wear sneakers during both summer and winter. Canvas shoes should not be worn to school. 

Jewellery: For safety reasons students should only wear the following items of jewellery: 

  • earrings—studs or small sleepers, 
  • a watch, and 
  • a Medic Alert bracelet (if required). 

Makeup, nail polish or hair colouring is inappropriate and unnecessary for primary school students. Students attending with make-up or nail polish will be sent to the office to have it washed off. 

Girls and boys with long hair (shoulder length and longer) should keep it tied back. Hair / fringes should not cover eyes.