Vision and Beliefs

School Mission and Values

During 2019, we worked with a consultant who ran workshops with students, parents and staff to review our values and mission. Through the consultation process we came to a consensus.  We are very pleased to announce our new mission statement and values.

Our Mission;
We facilitate learning by inspiring and empowering students to reach their potential every day.

Camboon Primary School values;
 Courage
 Perseverance
 Respect

Camboon Primary School Shared Community Beliefs


Our school community believes in our students;

  • developing the desire to strive for excellence and to achieve to their full potential academically, socially, emotionally and creatively;
  • being prepared for the world in which they live by building perseverance, resilience and tolerance; and equipping them to be life long learners.

Our community believes in;

  •  fostering mutual respect within our whole school community;
  • encouraging all members of the school community to demonstrate positive support and advocacy for Camboon Primary School
  • We believe that education is the responsibility of all stake holders in the school community – the school staff, parents and the child.

Our school believes in;

  •  staff supporting one another to strive for excellence in education;
  •  staff working collaboratively to achieve positive learning outcomes for   all students;
  •  staff acting as positive role models to the whole school community.