Term 4 News Updates


Congratulations to Room 3 and Miss Purdy on a fantastic assembly. It is always great to see and hear how confident our students are at presenting in front of an audience and speaking on the microphone. The class item reminded me of my favourite words to use when trying to be persuasive. 

P&C Disco 

It was lovely to see so many students attend the disco and enjoying the music and dancing. It was also lovely to see so many families stay to watch and also enjoy the music. Thank you to the P&C for organising the event. Every event takes a lot of planning and preparing in advance so that they go smoothly. Well done on another well attended event. 

P&C Colour Run 

Our school has a wonderful core group of P&C parents who work very hard to organise events and fundraisers to support our school. This Friday will see another fun event for our students. The planning and preparation for this event started many months ago. Our first P&C Colour Run last year was very successful and we all enjoyed watching the students and some staff having fun. This year we look forward to the same enthusiasm and enjoyment. A reminder that students will not be permitted to participate wearing their school uniform as we cannot guarantee that the colour will not stain. That is why all students are required to bring spare clothes, in a plastic bag with all items named/labelled, to change into. The P&C are hoping that every student will be able to get some donations from family and friends so that the school can purchase more equipment to support learning at Camboon PS. 

School Board meeting 

The next meeting is an Open Public Meeting. Please come and join us on Monday 19 November at 5.30pm to see how well our School Board works. We will be completing school data presentations. 

P&C meeting 

We need more parents and family members to join our P&C. It is always difficult to run all the events we would like to at the school as we do not have enough family members involved. The P&C welcomes anyone who wants to support our students and our school. That means they can be family friends, previous families who had students at Camboon, etc. Basically anyone who wants to enjoy our wonderful school community. The more people we have helping the easier it is. Please come and join us on Monday 19 November at 7.00pm. 


Along with the newsletter today, each family is getting a 2019 calendar, kindly donated by Bendigo Bank as it includes works from some of our current and previous students. 

2019 planning 

This time of year is always busy and goes by very quickly. We are starting to look at how we will structure classes for 2019. This all depends on student enrolment numbers, therefore, we need to know if you will be leaving the school or you know someone who might want to enrol. It is vital we have the correct enrolment numbers. 

Janice Cuculoska