Creative Schools

Creative Schools is a program funded by the WA Department of Education and managed by the cultural organisation FORM. It is a learning program that aims to enhance outcomes for young Western Australians by activating creative learning strategies through the establishment of meaningful partnerships between teachers, creative (arts) practitioners and young people.

Creative Schools is designed to provide students in selected schools with an intense creative, arts-rich intervention. This program builds on robust international evidence that engagement with the arts and creative learning methodologies improves the quality and impact of general education. Using creativity and/or the arts as a pedagogical tool for learning cultivates a unique set of academic, social and personal skills.

Camboon Primary School commenced their journey with Creative Schools in 2021. During this time, 6 classes from Pre-primary to Year 6 have taken part in the program which has resulted in a strong positive impact on the learning and attitudes of our students and on our teachers’ pedagogical practice. The practical, hands-on nature of the lessons have great appeal and students often report that it helps them to learn better. Students often describe the sessions as “fun”, but this is coupled with a keen awareness that this is fun whilst learning, not fun without learning.