Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

PBS is an educative process with a focus on students being explicitly taught how to meet expected behaviour rather than receiving negative consequences. Students are supported through a reflective process to identify and understand how their behaviour choices affect them and others around them and what skills and choices they can make in the future, leading to a more positive outcome.

We are excited to introduce you to the three cute little characters that have recently been designed to represent our three key behaviours; We are responsible; We are respectful, and We are learners.  These characters are little gumnuts representing the beautiful gum trees we have in our school environment.  The characters are wearing the student school hat, with shoes that reflect the colours of the buildings at Camboon Primary School.  These characters will be seen around the school on windows, signs, and student prizes.

This year, we have also introduced the Golden GOTCHA ticket.  This ticket will be used to acknowledge students who maintain expected behaviour throughout a term.  At the end of the day, on the last day of each term, Golden GOTCHA winners from each cluster will be announced.  Students who have maintained expected behaviour throughout a term will be eligible to win a Golden GOTCHA prize.  These prizes include drink bottles, teddy bears, pencil cases, bubbles, yoyos, frisbees and handballs, all with our PBS characters on them.

All students are included in PBS cluster rewards, weekly GOTCHA draws and end of term Golden GOTCHAs, however, it is differentiated for students with individual needs through individual behaviour plans. Every student begins each term with a new start.  This means any minors received during the previous term won’t be carried through to the next term.

Positive Behaviour Support Parent Handbook