All payments to Camboon Primary School, including payments for incursions, excursions, voluntary contributions etc. can be paid by cash, cheque and direct deposit.

Permission notes for activities will have a payment envelope attached. Please follow the payment instructions on the envelopes. Permission forms and envelopes are to be returned with money to the class teacher. Please DO NOT put permission notes into the envelopes.

If you are paying by direct deposit please indicate this on the envelope and return the envelope to the class teacher. It is also VERY IMPORTANT when completingthe direct deposit transaction to put the child’s name and activity, for easy referencing and correct allocation to students and events. Direct deposit details are as follows-

Account name: Camboon Primary School

BSB: 633-000

Account number: 141829655

Please refer to our 2020 School Voluntary Contributions & Charges letter for further information on additional charges and expenses. This varies for each school year level.