At Camboon Primary School, our aim is to make school a positive environment for students, their families, staff and the wider community.  We are proud of having a diverse group of learners, from 36 different language backgrounds. We encourage involvement within classrooms, through the P&C, canteen, volunteering and in many other ways.  Communication is very important to us and we use the Connect app as a safe, fast and reliable form of communication. We ask that you use Connect to stay informed and if you ever have any queries, please speak to the teachers or come and see us in the office.  It is vital that the relationships between home and school are positive and rewarding for both, but mainly for our students.

Camboon Primary school has a strong ethos of lifelong learning and we have a courteous and considerate learning community where each child is treated as a valued individual.  During 2019, we worked with a consultant who ran workshops with students, parents and staff to review our values and mission. Through the consultation process we came to a consensus.  Our new mission statement and values are;

We facilitate learning by inspiring and empowering students to reach their potential every day.

Camboon Primary School values;
 Courage
 Perseverance
 Respect

At Camboon Primary School, we pride ourselves on our positive reputation as we continue to promote high standards and expectations across all areas of our school. We inspire our students in all areas of the curriculum and in 2021, we continue to offer specialist programs in Music, Visual Arts, Physical Education, Italian and now also Science. Students also have access to PEAC, instrumental music, dance and drama in alternating years.  Staff utilise research-informed teaching and learning strategies to ensure educational programs are best practice, effective, motivating, engaging, and that assessment techniques are appropriate.  Staff use a variety of assessments to assist in planning and teaching and provide effective feedback to students on their learning. Staff regularly collaborate within the school and across the Morley Schools Network to ensure consistency across the curriculum.

We are an Independent Public School which allows us the flexibility of resource allocation to focus on improving student outcomes and school performance.  Our Business Plan 2018-2020 can be found on our website, and articulates our plans.  We have an enthusiastic School Board which consists of parents and school staff who support the school in decision making and assist in longer term planning.

In 2021 our expected student enrolments are around 380 students from Kindergarten to Year 6.  We have approximately 40 staff members who are exceptional and dedicated to making a positive difference to all students, families and each other.

I, along with the staff of Camboon Primary School, wish you and your family a happy, rewarding and memorable association with Camboon primary School.

Janice Cuculoska – Principal