Annual Report

The Annual School Report provides parents and members of the wider community with an overview of our achievements during the past year and recommendations/directions for the future. The recommendations have been developed by the analysis of school data which has included progress reviews of the targets as set in the School Business Plan and are agreed to in consultation with the staff and School Board.

The report demonstrates the commitment of all Camboon staff and community in supporting our students to achieve optimum learning standards in a safe and caring environment and is measured against the targets as set in our School Business Plan.

Download Camboon Primary School’s Annual Report 2021

Business Plan

The new Business Plan has been collaboratively developed through meetings with the School Board, Parent and Citizens Association, school staff as well as the general school parent population.  It takes into account our school self-assessments of what has been achieved through our previous Business Plan, reflections on the 6 domains of the Standard document;

  • Relationships and Partnerships
  • Learning Environment
  • Leadership
  • Use of Resources
  • Teaching Quality
  • Student Achievement and Progress

and the Strategic Directions for public schools 2020-2024.

We will continue to have high expectations for all students and staff through our three focus areas.

Download Camboon Primary School’s Business Plan.

Public School Review 2022

All Western Australian public schools are reviewed by the Department of Education’s Public School Accountability directorate. A review gives assurance to the local community, the Minister for Education and Training and the Director General about the performance of public schools in delivering high quality education to students. The review acknowledges the achievements of the school and gives feedback to support the Principal and staff with their improvement planning.

Download Public School Review Camboon PS Public School Review report August 2022