In the final week of Term 2, Camboon Primary School celebrated STEAM: A Week of Discovery to celebrate Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics within the classrooms as well as whole school activities.

Events that the students had the opportunity to participate in, included the annual Paper Plane Competition which attracted many budding engineers who designed their planes at school to ensure a fair test and flew their planes in optimal weather conditions. The Design a Mathematics poster to introduce a number up to 100 or advertise a mathematical concept provided a challenge for the mathematicians and artists.

Bricks 4 Kidz brought Jurassic Brickland to Camboon Primary School. Students went back to prehistoric times to build and discover the different types of dinosaurs of that period. The Let’s Build an Igloo project saw the Camboon community recycling plastic milk bottles to form the “ice bricks” of an igloo. Every student had the opportunity to lay a brick and saw how an idea can grow into an actual design.

To support our sister school in Amphet Phnom, Cambodia, and to promote Arts as part of STEAM Week, the Social Justice Committee held “Wear Your Favourite Colour Day”. For a gold coin donation students wore clothing in their favourite colour.

Classroom activities ranged from classroom rotations encompassing science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics to the making of Oobleck (Slime) and an experiment to predict what would happen when Smarties were put into hot water. It was wonderful to see the students engaged in many different learning experiences throughout the week.